Changzhou Taisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changzhou taisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changzhou taisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Se dedica a la producción de equipos de chorro de arena, Sala de chorro de arena y máquina de chorro de arena desde 2007. Estándar de diseño profesional y productos personalizados para proporcionar a los clientes un conjunto completo de soluciones de tratamiento de superficie.
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Los productos de la empresa se utilizan ampliamente en el petróleo, la industria química, la construcción naval, la fabricación de automóviles, contenedores, maquinaria de construcción, industria militar, energía eólica, energía eléctrica, maquinaria portuaria, aeroespacial, electrónica y eléctrica, energía, protección del medio ambiente, papel, semiconductores y otros campos.

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Somos proveedores de equipos de Fortune 500, nuestra calidad es confiable.
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Professional factory, delivered on time
More than 15,000 ㎡ of production workshop, equipped with lathes, milling machines, radial drilling machines, cutting machines, shears, plasma cutting machines, bending machines, and other advanced production equipment, according to the drawings to reasonably estimate the production time, make Stage schedule, strictly control the production schedule to ensure on-time delivery!Professional factory, delivered on time
Customize on demand and provide technical solutions
With a technical team with more than 10 years of rich experience, we can provide professional technical advice based on the product features, dimensions, characteristics, etc. you provide; use three-dimensional design software for simulation research and development design, and have won 13 national patents and provide exclusive Technical solutions to achieve personalized customization. Customize on demand and provide technical solutions
Free samples, thoughtful after-sales
In order to ensure the effect of technical solutions, TAISHENG provides free sample service of sandblasting workpieces; at the same time, the new machine provides free installation and commissioning services, sends installation pictures, and provides on-site service when necessary; after-sales links provide comprehensive technical guidance and exclusive after-sales customer service Respond promptly and provide more timely service.Free samples, thoughtful after-sales
Production Process
Professional quality, integrity to create success
  • Engineering and Design
    Engineering and Design
  • Laser Cutting
    Laser Cutting
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Assemble
  • Testing
  • Package
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The vacuum blast equipment is mainly composed of the following six parts: motor, air filter, blower body, air chamber, base, drip nozzle. The vacuum blast equipment is operated eccentrically by the rotor biased in the cylinder,
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Many people have this question in their minds: Why doesn't DISA use a pulse jet cleaning system on all cartridge dust collectors?
The basic application of hanger shot blasting machine
The hanger shot blasting machine is a casting device that uses a high-speed projectile thrown by a blasting machine to clean or reinforce the surface of a casting.
What should i share asking for a shot blasting machine?
If you want a shot blasting machine, Firstly, you should tell us what kind and size work piece you want to clean? If you want to treat various kinds of jobs, just share these information with us, And how many pieces per day?
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